Screw driven actuators also use the rotational energy of a motor to provide force and motion, but in this case the motor spins a screw rather than a pulley. This rotation causes a mating nut (attached to a load mounting carriage) to travel along the length of the screw. Hunt Valve’s screw driven rodless actuators utilize a patented screw support system that supports the screw at regular intervals along its length. This eliminates the concern of screw whip and allows these units to achieve maximum travel speed, even at significant stroke lengths (30ft or more).

Screw driven designs are typically used in applications where a high level of accuracy and control is required. These unit types are capable of performing 100% duty cycles, even at high loads and long stroke lengths.

Hunt offers the WM POWERLine and WV DYNALine actuators in a range of sizes engineered to meet exacting demands.