Rodless electromechanical actuators support and transport loads to their desired locations. Unlike ram-style linear actuators which typically push and pull load, rodless actuators are best suited for transporting loads, particularly at long stroke lengths.

With their high load and moment bearing capabilities, Hunt’s rodless actuator units are guaranteed to be the optimum solution in terms of performance and affordability. All rodless actuator products are manufactured to the highest of standards and can be customized to suit specific customer and application needs.

Key Features:

  • Standard stroke lengths up to 11 meters (~36 feet)
  • Capable thrust loads up to 12kN (~2,700 lb-f)
  • Capable travel speeds up to 10m/s (~33 ft/sec)
  • Positional repeatability up to of 0.01mm (~0.0004”in)
  • Significant moment loading capabilities
  • Wide variety of frame sizes, drive types, and guidance systems
  • Patented self-adjusting sealing cover strip to prevent material intrusion
  • Customizable designs, stroke lengths, and accessories

Rodless Actuator Types

Hunt Valve offers two drive types for our rodless linear actuators –  belt driven and screw driven.

Belt Driven Rodless Actuators

Belt driven actuators use the rotational energy of a motor to turn a pulley which drives a belt. The belts are usually constructed of a composite of polymer with steel wire reinforcements. Belt driven unit use a carriage that is attached to the belt as a means of transferring linear movement to the load. Some advantages of a belt driven system are the abilities to achieve long stroke lengths, high capable travel speeds, and a high degree of accuracy.

Hunt Valve’s line of belt-driven rodless actuators are ideal for applications that warrant longer strokes, higher travel speeds and appreciable moment loading capabilities at an economic price point. Both the WH SPEEDLine® and WM POWERLine® ZRT units offer a robust toothed belt drive system which provides consistent and reliable linear motion.

Screw Driven Rodless Actuators | Ball Screw Actuator

Screw driven actuators also use the rotational energy of a motor to provide force and motion, but in this case the motor spins a screw rather than a pulley. This rotation causes a mating nut (attached to a load mounting carriage) to travel along the length of the screw. Hunt Valve’s screw driven rodless actuators utilize a patented screw support system that supports the screw at regular intervals along its length. This eliminates the concern of screw whip and allows these units to achieve maximum travel speed, even at significant stroke lengths (30ft or more).

Screw driven designs are typically used in applications where a high level of accuracy and control is required. These unit types are capable of performing 100% duty cycles, even at high loads and long stroke lengths.

Hunt offers the WM POWERLine and WV DYNALine actuators in a range of sizes engineered to meet exacting demands.