Ram-style electromechanical actuators provide motion and force utilizing a drive screw; either a ball, roller, or ACME screw. A mating nut traverses the length of the screw and is attached to the inner ram of the unit. When the screw is rotated, either by a motor or hand wheel, motion of the rod and a thrust force is achieved. This style of unit is exceptionally suited for providing axial loads, in either tension or compression, but is not well suited for side loading without an external guidance system.

Ram-style actuators provide a high level of movement accuracy and notable reliability. These units are commonly used in pivoting or press scenarios but can be implemented in a wide range of applications. Here are some areas where these units are well-suited:

  • High forces and loads
  • Food grade or washdown environments
  • Pivoting, pressing, or inserting actions

The primary limitation of ram-style actuators is the stroke length of the unit. This is because as the rod of the actuator extends, the drive nut travels along the screw length, increasing the unsupported length of screw. This unsupported length can cause the actuator to become more susceptible to screw whip and diminished capable column load. Because of this, it is always important to check an actuator’s capabilities at stroke length, travel speed, and load required for the application.

Hunt Valve Actuator Division actuators are engineered to be durable and reliable in harsh environments. This includes food-grade actuators that stand up to the rigorous cleanings and potentially corrosive ingredients that are common in food and beverage production.

Key Ram-Style Actuator Capabilities:Ram Style Actuators

  • Thrust loads that range in excess of 19,000 lb-f (84.5kN)
  • Standard stroke lengths up to 60 inches (1,524mm)
  • Travel speeds up to 79.2 in/sec (2.01m/s)

Customization and Options:

  • Multiple screw types and leads for each frame size
  • Configurable stroke lengths to the desired mm
  • Configurable mounting options, drive configurations, and drive adapters
  • Food-grade actuators and environmentally resistant variations
  • Personalized application support from our engineering and design teams
  • We also offer custom actuators designed for your application