Hunt Valve Actuator Division offers electromechanical actuator solutions for multiple industries. The improved precision and accuracy of electromechanical actuators over hydraulic and pneumatic actuators are crucial to the operations in a wide array of applications. Hunt specializes in the following industries:


The automation industry requires the highest service life, unfailing reliability, and lean manufacturing through improved performance, efficiency, and reliability.

Hunt Valve Actuators are widely used in machine automation. Machines have needs to move things in a variety of ways. The precision and repeatability needed in machine automation make electromechanical actuators the perfect choice.


The conditions in automotive factories require actuators with extreme precision and repeatability. Hunt’s electromechanical actuators provide the industry with the accuracy they need. EMAs offer the durability and consistency that hydraulic and pneumatic actuators can’t. They use significantly less energy.

Oil & Gas

Hunt Valve Actuator Division has supplied numerous, large electromechanical actuators (EMAs) to the oil and gas industry. The specific application requirements are very stringent (approx. 200,000 lb-f dynamic loading) in an environment that would be considered ‘harsh duty’ by any standard.

Government / Military / Defense

Hunt Valve’s actuators are used on the CVN-77 George H.W. Bush aircraft carrier, the CVN-78 Gerald R. Ford Class aircraft carrier, and in other defense specific applications. Among many others, these include main elevator hatch actuators, weapons store room ramps, overhead doors, dogging pins and locking systems. Hunt’s EMAs provide the precision, efficiency, and durability that are crucial to the defense industry.


Hunt’s electromechanical actuators provide accuracy and repeatability with unparalleled reliability which are crucial to the mining industry. Hunt Valve are Experts in Extreme Engineering which means they can create solutions for the harshest of environments.


Motion control is widely used in the entertainment industry with applications such as simulators and animatronics. Hunt Valve’s EMAs provide speed, precision, and repeatability this industry needs to create experiences through a variety of mediums.