Oil and Gas Industry


Electric Actuators for the Oil and Gas Industry

Hunt Valve Actuator Division has supplied numerous actuators for the Oil and Gas Industry including large Electromechanical Actuators (EMAs or Electric Actuators). The specific application requirements are very stringent (approx. 200,000 lb-f dynamic loading) in an environment that would be considered ‘harsh duty’ by any standard.  In addition to significant loads, the criticality of failure in the given application is extremely high therefore an unmatched designed in factor-of-safety had to be incorporated.Custom Built Actuators

A robust acme screw powered through a worm gear drive configuration ensures reliable performance at a moment’s notice.  With the static load holding capacity nearing a quarter million pounds, all material and strength calculations were validated through extensive Finite Element Analysis prior to construction. The units were custom designed to couple with a large 3-ph AC drive motor. Stroke-end limit switch housings were included as standard components and designed to seal internal drive mechanisms from environmental intrusion.