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Electromechanical Actuator Efficiency with IACNA

The automation industry requires the highest service life, unfailing reliability and lean manufacturing through improved performance, efficiency, and reliability.

One specific application required the offset of traditional hydraulic ram operations.  While this company’s hydraulics system could handle high force, the demand for precision, repeatability, and higher volume production required a better solution. The design and implementation of a robust and life-predictable EMA solved these compounded requirements. Through the use of a planetary roller screw, spherical and tapered roller bearings, and application-specific intrusion protection, the customer gained higher production and vastly improved quality control.Ram-Style Actuators from hunt valve

This same customer was able to offset the customer realized pneumatics in other parts of their manufacturing product. Like hydraulics, the pneumatic systems couldn’t keep up with increased production while maintaining control integrity. By switching to an electric actuator (EMA), production improved while also decreasing the costly downtime for maintenance and calibration of the original pneumatic systems.

Hunt Valve Actuator Division offers solutions to meet your company’s needs, even in harsh environments that our competitors won’t touch. We have standard solutions or we can customize to your specific situation. Contact us now for more information or a quote.