Designing a linear motion system can be challenging. While you might know the components and even the specific branded parts that you need, they need to be compatible with each other. At Hunt Valve Actuator Division, we understand the complexities and we work to make the process as easy as possible.

Two of the most important components of a linear motion solution are the actuator and the motor. To make sure that you pair up an electromechanical actuator with a compatible, high-quality motor, we’ve partnered with Elwood High-Performance Motors. You can conveniently bundle your actuator and motor and feel confident that they will work together as the cornerstone of your linear motion system.

Hunt and Elwood’s optimum actuator-motor combo can support a wide range of applications. Hunt and Elwood are well-versed in creating systems that are proven to get the job done with accuracy and precision. From controlled conditions to rugged, extreme terrains, we’ll create the solution that fits your specific needs.

Click on the links below to learn which Elwood High-Performance Motors are compatible with each Hunt Valve ram-style (Victory A-Series) and rodless (WH and WM Series) actuators.

Ram-Style Actuators
Victory A-Series Compatibility Charts
Rodless Actuators – Belt Driven
WH (SPEEDLine) Series Compatibility Charts
Rodless Actuators – Screw Driven
WM (POWERLine) Series Compatibility Charts