Founded in 1919, Hunt Valve built a reputation as a reliable supplier of heavy duty valves in a variety of growing U.S. industries. The company specializes in innovative engineering solutions that can be found in applications on six continents. Hunt’s expertise allows them to create systems for harsh and rugged environments. The newly acquired Actuator Division continues their legacy of offering the most reliable and innovative products through their proven family of electromechanical actuators.

Victory Series

The Victory A Series ram-style actuator line is a formidable player in the electromechanical actuator game! The development of this 100% U.S-made actuator was driven by the industry’s need for an accurate and precise ram-style actuator capable of significant loads, but modular in design and configurable to exacting specifications.

Developed with industry specific design characteristics which span the product size range, Hunt Valve Actuator Division incorporated a number of features and characteristics in a clean and attractive package that many other competitors are unable to achieve. With the in-house design, manufacturing, and quality control groups, Hunt is able to ensure the shortest lead times and unparalleled customer support.

From food processing to medical packaging and entertainment to mining, there is a Victory actuator that will meet your needs.


The WH and WM rodless actuators have been the pinnacle of speed, accuracy, and performance for decades. The SPEEDLINE and POWERLINE names have become synonymous with unmatched reliability in both the belt and screw driven versions. Hunt Valve Actuator Division offers a full range of WH and WM units with significant value-added engineering. The ability to customize to specific customer and application needs coupled with industry best lead times ensures Hunt maintains its stronghold in automation now and in the future.

From standard unit deliveries to complex problems, the Hunt team is able to provide clean and efficient solutions using the WH and WM product ranges that others simply can’t.