Military-Proven Electromechanical Linear Actuators with Unparalleled Reliability

Hunt Valve specializes in electromechanical actuators that are precise, reliable, and industry proven.

Key Benefits:

  • Increased precision and predictable motion
  • Ease of integration with industry-standard motors, drives, and PLCs
  • Reliable and predictable lifespans
  • Superior performance, quality, and durability
  • Customizable to specific applications
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified

Our Experts in Extreme Engineering know what it takes to meet your requirements from designing one-off custom actuators, to creating complete mechanical linear systems.

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White Papers

In linear motion systems, the ability to control for accuracy and repeatability can have a drastic effect on productivity, efficiency, and downtime. This white paper examines the factors that determine the accuracy and repeatability of a linear actuator, as well as how electromechanical actuators are able to better mitigate these variables than pneumatic and hydraulic variants.

Electromechanical actuators are an attractive option for designers looking to move loads at high speed and with a high degree of accuracy. This white paper helps you understand the information you need to know to choose the right actuator for your system.

Hunt Valve Blog

  • Posted February 21, 2019

    “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” – Benjamin Franklin

    Ensuring your electromechanical actuators (EMAs) provide a long service life starts with specifying thoughtfully designed products constructed of quality materials. But that’s far from the whole story. Although Ben Franklin was writing about the importance of fire safety back in 1735, his words continue to remind us that no one―in any industry―can afford to neglect basic preventive maintenance.

  • Posted February 6, 2019

    If you’re one of the growing number of manufacturers looking for the best way to automate your production operations, one of your first decisions is the type of linear actuator to incorporate into your system. Although hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders are capable of producing linear motion, they’re not always the best choice for automation applications. Electromechanical actuators (EMAs) have become increasingly popular because of their advantages over fluid driven actuators. Here are five major advantages of EMAs over hydraulic and pneumatic types: